10 Ways To Splurge With Your Partner

Today is National Splurge Day– and I know- a lot of couples don’t have the kind of money to go on a guilt free shopping spree, so here are a few ideas that don’t cost the earth but do feel like a well-earned treat for you both.

Have a cheeky beach day

Go to the cinemaand get a mega deal. If you are one of those couples who sneaks sweets and drinks in to save money- just this once- get your tickets and indulge in a bucket full of fizzy pop and a large popcorn, hot dog or nachos- whatever your preference might be.

Go out for your Sunday Roast– Don’t spend hours making it yourself- let someone else do it for a change and pile it up high.

Go out for classy drinks- If you generally drink at home to save the dosh, why not get dressed up and have a couple of posh cocktails at your local bar? You don’t have to go mad- and can finish of with extra drinks at home- but enjoy savouring the moment.

Go shopping- You don’t need to get a pile of stuff but have a look around and at the end of the day, each buy something you want the most from the stuff you’ve seen. If you’re one budget, set a maximum price limit. Or if you prefer quantity over quality- set a cut-off point and see how many fun but small things you can get for that amount.

Go out for coffee- Rather than brewing up at home- pop to your local coffee house and get a large cup of whatever you want and a slab of cake to finish it off, while enjoying the chatter and people watching.

Invest in your sex life- Pop to your nearest naughty store and see what treasures lie within. Do you fancy a new toy? Do you want some fancy lube? Or do you feel like choosing some sexy lingerie for your lover?

Buy something for your home– It doesn’t have to be a £1000 bed- but something you will both use. A DVD player for your bedroom so you can snuggle up and watch movies at night, a new kitchen appliance so you can cook something new together or a couple of lounging chairs so you can soak up the rays in your garden.

Have a grand day out- If your usual form of entertainment at weekends consists of going for walk, reading or watching TV- try to think outside the box. Go and play crazy golf, take archery lessons, head to a theme or water park, go and play laser quest, ride horses in the park, ride a Segway in the woods, pop to the theatre- whatever it might be that is out of the ordinary- do whatever you can afford.

Book into a hotel- You don’t have to find the fanciest one around but a night in a different bed, in new surroundings and having someone else cook you breakfast is one of the best perks of sleeping away from home.  

Enjoy a spa day- Have a dip in the pool, a detox in the steam room or a snuggle on the water beds or if that’s not within your budget- pick a treatment you’d like to have done like a couple’s massage.