5 Unusual Beauty Tips For Your Skin

| 14.07.2017

When it comes to our skin, we want it to look the best it possibly can. That’s why we are sharing some unusual, uncommon beauty tips for your skin! Try one (or two, or three) and you never know you may have just found what you’ve always been looking for in the quest for perfect skin.

Hairbrush to the rescue


While you may think hair brushes are only for your hair, you are mistaken. Studies show that stimulating the face with the tip of a hairbrush for sixty seconds each morning improve blood flow in the face. This motion helps disperse cellulite and improve the skin texture.


Black Pepper Exfoliates


Sick of blackhead strips, that won’t work? Try mixing a tablespoon of black pepper with yogurt and applying it to your face. Leave the mixture on for seven minutes and wipe off. The pepper acts as a natural exfoliant lifting the blackheads out.


Tomatoes for the skin


Of course tomatoes taste great but did you know that they also keep the skin healthy? Yes, they do! Consuming tomatoes which have lycopene, an antioxidant, works as a sunscreen from within the body. These antioxidants make tomato an anti-aging product fighting cellular damage and reddening of the skin. It is also said that apply tomato to the face for 20 minutes can help with dirty, oily skin.


Sleep on Your Back

If you fall asleep on your stomach or side, pillows and sheets can leave not-so-pretty indentations on your cheeks when you wake up in the morning. Research also shows that over years, applying pressure on your face can lead to wrinkles! Sleeping on your back (and using a silk pillowcase) not only keeps your face free of fine lines, it also allows you to keep your head up preventing fluids from pooling under your eyes and creating bags or puffiness.


Steam your skin


You must be familiar with having your skin steamed during a facial, but that’s not the only time you should do it! Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl, says that “steaming is the number-one way to treat dehydration, acne and allergies and promote glowing, healthy skin.” Do this at least once or twice a week and that should really help you.