8 beauty tips for face every girl…

| 17.07.2017

Dream of every girl is an unblemished, radiating face but it’s not that easy to achieve. Extra care need to be taken on a regular basis and to maintaining it is important as well. We often ignore the basic simple rules that can work skilfully for a skin and in the long run, it keeps your skin healthy. Have a look at all the things, you need to keep in mind to achieve your goal. In other words, some phenomenal beauty tips for your skin.

  • Keep a check on your sleeping hours  
  • Let’s start with some basic tips, no matter what beauty products you are using, it’s very important to have a proper sleep of at least eight hours of snooze time. Sleeping is the only time when your body get relaxed and works on repairing the damaged cells. Also, proper sleep prevents you from dark circles, unless they are hereditary. It avoids premature aging.


  • A proper balanced diet is must
  • No product can come to the aid if your daily consumption of fruits and vegetable is not sufficient. Proper diet is very important to skin. Also, you should try to minimise the intake of oily and fermented foods, sugar and salt. Switching to healthy alternatives will show you results instantly.


  • Don’t escape physical activities
  • Any of kind of exercise that interests you like yoga, aerobics, running, skipping should be one of your priority for a healthy skin. And, I guess its benefits need not to be highlighted. It pushes the toxins out of your body and improves the blood circulation. Try burning your calories as much as possible.


  • Know your skin type
  • Now, let’s talk about the daily products you use, you need to know the skin type you have (dry, oily, normal or combined) and choose the products thereof. Ensure that your creams and other products suits your skin. The same is for the shampoo also.


  • Make water your best friend
  • I don’t know why, this is mostly avoided. Water keeps your skin hydrated. It aids the digestion and improves the metabolism of the body, pushing the toxins out of the body. Daily intake of water must be at least eight glasses. Also, to increase the fluid consumption, you can have juices of fresh fruits.


  • Use of sunscreen before going out
  • The hero behind any spotless skin is sunscreen. It protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps away the skin from pigmentation. We often apply before heading outdoors on a sunny day. But it is advised to apply it every morning, whether you are staying indoors or it’s a cloudy day. It is suggested to use daily.


  • Remove your make-up
  • It’s unimportant, whether you’re tired or the amount of make-up you’ve applied, make it mandatory to remove it before going to the bed. While sleeping, skin needs to breathe properly and works on itself. Use a good make-up remover which is alcohol and fragrance free and a face wash to clean up the face. If you don’t want to invest in the make-up remover, simply use the olive oil and it will serve for the same purpose.


  • Follow the CTM routine
  • In the end, after removing the make-up, now it’s time for cleansing, toning and moisturising. Using proper products for the CTM regimen with concentrated ingredients can prove out to be the best for your gorgeous skin. Depending on your skin type and skin problems you can use the product. It will turn out to be a beauty-booster!