9 Beauty hacks every girl should know!

| 17.07.2017

We all live in a very competitive world, don’t we? We do need instant solutions for anything and everything. The most trending videos on YouTube right now are these beauty, fashion and life hack videos. The youth is keen and nosy for such videos. All of us want to dress good, look good and slay all day. If you’re one of those girls who require quick fixes and life changing beauty hacks, we got your back!

  • Volumized lashes hack
  • Of course, not each one of us is a Huda Beauty fan and nor can all of us afford these high end products. Don’t you worry girls, we’re here for your rescue. At times, no matter how many layers of mascara you use, your eye lashes tend to get clumsy, heavy and sticky. A light dusting of pressed powder over your lashes does away with the heavy feel of the product. One layer of mascara after applying the powder can amp up the volume of your lashes.


  • Broken lipsticks
  • Ouch. We all know the pain!  Makeup lovers can not withstand their broken makeup. When your makeup breaks, your heart breaks. A handy lighter can just do the work for you. Melt the broken pieces from the ends and join them together. And voila! This is the easiest trick you can use.


  • Sexy ponytail hack
  • Ponytails are the go-to-look for girls. They are never out of style and go with almost every look that you would want to pull off. With a bobby pin placed underneath the rubber band, you can create an uplifted and sexy ponytail in no time!


  • Blush or lipstick?
  • Blushes are used to put color on our face and highlight the apple of our cheeks, surely. But is that the only thing that a blush can do? Think again!

    Scrape a bit off and mix it with your favorite lip balm and you now have a lipstick! How awesome is that!


  • Eye lash curler hack
  • Most of us girls do not prefer using mascara on an everyday basis as it makes the eyelashes weak and breakable. Use a hair dryer on your tool, using heat on your eyelash curler is like using a curling iron on your hair. It makes the curl last longer, giving you long and beautiful lashes.


  • Bye bye dark circles!
  • Dark circles can actually be a pain in our asses. It’s so annoying!

    You can get rid of dark circles by using green tea bags on your under eyes  and another way could be by using baking soda. You yourself will notice a world of a difference after using these.


  • Banana peel
  • We are already aware of the fact that bananas are loaded with nutrients, natural sugars and antioxidants; hence it is a fruit that should be a part of your daily diet. However, if you are ready to go that extra mile, you can also use bananas for delectable skincare and hair-care recipes which would take care of a gamut of beauty problems!



  • Acne
  • Acne is something which we can’t avoid. Like, it automatically appears on our skin. Most of us do face the acne problem .  It can be because of heredity, bad diet , less water intake etc.

    One mask that you can use for acne is cinnamon and honey mask. Crush the cinnamon , forming fine cinnamon powder and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Apply on your affected area and leave for 40 mins. Wash it off gently with cold water. It works miracles!


  • Hair growth and Aloevera
  • We all want long, shiny and healthy hair, yes we do!

    Aloevera can be a great ingredient which can help your hair grow faster and makes them soft.