Banjara’s Hair Care Range

| 29.07.2017

Did you say hair problems? Solve them all with Banjara’s Hair Care Powder variants!

Short or long, wavy or straight, frizzy or smooth – every girl wants her hair to be lustrous, thick and strong that glistens in light. But all hail to the abundance of chemical-rich products in the market and of course, the adverse climate. Be it dandruff, premature greying, split-ends, dull hair or excessive hairfall – most people out there are going through the blues of these hair issues.

These hair troubles may appear common but one cannot deny the fact that these problems take prolonged time and efforts to get resolved. If one, by any chance, uses chemical based conditioners, shampoos and oils to get rid off the problems – his or her hair is bound to get worse. Here comes the need of pure herbal products which can not only get your issues sorted but can further enhance the quality of your hair.

Miracles of herbal products need no introduction. Even though the world has evolved and is still undergoing massive developments – the advantages of natural ingredients stated in Ayurveda stand true and beneficial till date. Banjara’s is one such eminent brand, offering the purest of herbal ingredients without adding any fillers or preservatives. Their exclusive and myriad hair care powder line is an ultimate solution to all kinds of hair problems. One just has to apply the powder as a hair pack by mixing water in it and then rinse it off with water for soft, shiny and healthy hair.

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Available in variety of key ingredients, have a look at the wondrous advantages of each of the Banjara’s Hair Care Powder variants.

Hair Care Amla Powder: Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C. It prevents premature greying, imparts lustre to hair thereby making the hair healthy.

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Hair Care Methi Powder: Enriched with the goodness of methi, this powder makes hair strong and soft. It strengthens the hair from the roots and promotes hair growth making the hair very healthy. It is very effective for dry and damaged hair.

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 Banjara’s Neem Powder:  An effective anti-microbial solution for many hair and scalp problems. It controls dandruff, other scalp issues and makes the hair very healthy. It is also effective for oily hair and scalp. To your benefit, this powder can also be used on skin to bid goodbye to acne and pimples.

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–  Hair Care Shikakai Powder: This ingredient is being used since ages to enhance the hair quality. It is a natural cleanser that removes dirt and absorbs the excess oil in the scalp to prevent dandruff and other scalp related problems. It makes the hair nourished and soft, thus giving you healthy hair.

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Hair Care Brahmi Powder: It reduces hair loss and also prevents the most frustrating split-ends.

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Hair Care Aritha Powder: It acts as a natural hair cleanser. It also strengthens the hair and provides the much needed shine and bounce to your hair.

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Hair Care Bhringraj Powder: It is an ultimate rejuvenator. It acts as a natural hair conditioner to hair and repairs the damaged hair, enabling it to grow thereby giving you voluminous and healthy hair.

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Hair Care Hibiscus Powder: This astounding natural powder controls hair fall and greying. It also enhances the hair volume. It is a natural hair conditioner and moisture and also provides the essential moisture. Hibiscus powder proves very beneficial for dry and limp hair.

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Instilled with the wonders of nature, Banjara’s products get you the best natural care. Let your tryst with nature bring out the lustre in your hair!