Beware! These Sexually Transmitted…

| 19.07.2017

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are very harmful to you and it can kill you. Let’s see some of these diseases which can kill you.

Today we will provide you with some details about the Sexually Transmitted Disease.

  • Chlamydia.

Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease and it could be treated at the right time otherwise it can be dangerous. Chlamydia spread very easily and it can be also treated very easily. Men and Women both suffer from this disease.

  • AIDS.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is very (AIDS) is the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease in the world. This disease is spread in a body by sexual contact. This disease can last for the lifetime or can be temporary. AIDS cannot be cured once a person gets in contact but it has a better treatment.

  • HPV.

A person suffering from Human papillomavirus will not get any symptom but can get an infection. It is the most common sexually transmitted infection.It is said that most of the women have this virus and there are many ways to reduce the risk of HPV.

  • Genital warts.

Genital warts are also a very common known sexually transmitted disease. A person suffering from this disease will get symptoms like colouredbumps on the skin which looks like cauliflower. Firstly it will be seen in some parts of the body and then after it will slowly spread on full body.

  • Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B is a disease in which the liver of the human body gets infected. Every year a huge number of people approx 50000 suffer from Hepatitis B disease. A person suffering from Hepatitis B disease will get symptoms of feeling really tired,headache, fever, hives,dark-colored urine. The disease gets easily spread.

  • Gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is a common disease for both the men and the women. When a man gets infected with this disease their body tends to produce a white, yellow or green discharge from the penis. Also, men will get pain while urinating while women suffering from this disease will not get any symptoms. It is a bacterial disease.

  • Syphilis.

Syphilis is caused by a spiral bacteria and it is a transmitted disease. A woman suffering from this disease will get pain in vagina and also feels the fever. It can kill your life if you don’t treat this disease on time.

  • Public lice.

A skin disease marked by itching are the mites which go down into the skin of genital area, fingers,hands and chest hair. These are the parasites which live in the hair.  If you get close to so many people then you will get this disease mostly. Public lice canbe found on hair of the legs, armpits, mustache, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes.

  • Trichomoniasis.

Trichomoniasis is a disease which is common in women. In this disease women vagina gets infected and caused by small parasites which live inside the women vagina. It does not show any common symptoms but some of them can get pain in the abdomen orcan occur during sexual intercourse or during urination.

  • Herpes.
    Herpes is also a disease which occurs in men and women both. It mostly affects the genital area of the body and also appears around the mouth. Symptoms of this disease are men suffering from this disease will get pain in the penis while urination and the women affected with this disease will get pain in the vagina while urination.