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Building Confidence and Reducing Chaos

HEALTH LIFE  Building Confidence and Reducing Chaos 0 Comments academic, academic year, advice, Back to school, Bed, brush teeth, building confidence, Children, chores, cooking, core values, Gary Watson, Kids, pajamas, parenting, reducing chaos, responsiblities, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Turnabout Counseling   by Gary Watson With the onset of the school year, I am… Читать далее »

Breast Cancer Myths and Facts with Dr. Smith

HEALTH  Breast Cancer Myths and Facts with Dr. Smith 0 Comments abnormal genes, American Cancer Society, benign cyst, bras and breast cancer, BRCA gene mutation, BRCA1 mutation, BRCA2 mutation, breast cancer facts, breast cancer in men, breast cancer myths, breast cancer treatment, breast exam, breast lumps, checking for breast cancer, compression of the breast, Dr.… Читать далее »

What’s in Your Genes?

Research into genetics and their role in our everyday health is an up and coming movement in medicine today. Patients are inquiring whether they are destined to develop a disease due to a strong family history. Can a person avoid heart disease, obesity or cancer, even though their relatives had those conditions? Yes, genetics play… Читать далее »

Breast Milk Photo Makes Case for Breastfeeding

Although breast milk has proven benefits, and its very production can seem pretty ~*mAgIcAl~*, it’s not like the milk itself looks all that special. That said, the Internet is loving this recent side-by-side photo of two starkly different-looking batches of one woman’s breast milk: Mother of two Ashlee Chase, 29, took the photo in September… Читать далее »

Thinking Inside the Box: CrossFit Explained

  They say the first rule of CrossFit is to always talk about CrossFit. So here we are, talking about CrossFit. CrossFit is a fitness regimen that incorporates high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman and other exercises. But it’s more than a way to get into shape—it’s a way of… Читать далее »

Can You Boost Your Vagina’s Mood?

After a recent breakup left me unable to masturbate without crying, my vag had become seriously depressed. And since everyone has been going on about new vaginal mood-improving products and treatments, I figured some of the woo-woo-sounding stuff was worth a shot to convince my nether regions to get back out there. First, I hit… Читать далее »