Dream Interpretation: Happiness

| 09.08.2017

We find out what it means to dream about happiness

If you were experiencing extreme happiness in a dream, then you might be going through extreme sadness or stress in your life. It might be time to seek some support from those closest to you or a professional’s help better your spirits.

It’s possible you are trying to avoid the truth or reality of a situation- you are relying too much on wishful thinking.

If the feeling is a little less intense then you may simply need to find a way to look on the bright side of things rather than focusing on the negative all the time.

The dream could be reflection of the joy and happiness you feel in your life right now. Perhaps you no longer have to worry about a problem anymore and you feel a sense of release and relief that all has turned out ok in the end. You may feel sure of love at present, lucky about something that has happened recently or have a new-found self-love that you lacked before.

It’s possible you feel you are missing out on some good times and the feeling of being happier than you are. Perhaps the dream is making you realise what you are missing in life that could potentially make you happier. Is it time to pursue such things?

If others were happy in your dreamscape, these could be the same people who smile while you’re struggling. They take great satisfaction in seeing you in sorrow. Be cautious around so-called friends and colleagues.

If your family were the ones who were happy in your dream, then you may need to spend more time with them. Perhaps you are missing out on the happy times you once shared and need to recapture them once more.