Dream Interpretation: Playing

| 03.08.2017

We find out what it means to dream about playing

You are a creative person and you don’t place any restrictions on yourself when it comes to expressing that side of your personality. With that said, do you need to harness this creativity and channel it into something more focused rather than allowing it to sporadic and improvised?

On the other hand, it may be that you are an all work and no play kind of person. You may need to have more fun and not take things as seriously from now on. Along the same vein, perhaps you need to adopt a more playful attitude torwards your work as this can sometimes be more productive than seeing it as just a means of earning a wage.

On the flipside, you may not be taking your life seriously enough. It might be time to face reality and deal with your responsibilities. You may need to find a balance between work and play if one is overpowering the other right now.

Playing is something that’s usually associated with childhood, so maybe you need to take something from your childhood and apply it to your adult life.

Playing is also a form of pretending- so it’s possible you are trying to hide the real you by pretending to be someone or something you are not. Is it time you were honest with others and most importantly yourself?

Playing is often something you would do with friends. Is your subconscious telling you to get out more with your childhood mates? Is your next get together long overdue? If so, it might be time to arrange a get together and reminisce on the fun times you shared when you were little and carefree.