Dream Interpretation: Tape Measure

| 14.07.2017

We find out what it means to dream about a tape measure

Perhaps you are trying to figure out if someone will be of value in your life and if they will measure up to your expectations. On the other hand, you may be trying to establish if you will benefit being in someone else’s life or if you will meet up to their standards.

If you were holding the tape then you may be putting yourself under unnecessary scrutiny- are you being too hard on yourself?

Try to remember that your measurement of yourself might not be fitting for the situation- so be careful not to nudge yourself too harshly.

If someone else was holding the tape, then it’s possible you feel they are the ones who are judging you. Consider who was in your dream and this might give you a clearer idea of who you think has negative opinions of you.

A measuring tape can also be about measuring up your life. If you have been thinking about your achievements, your goals and your regrets, it’s possible this is why you saw the tape in your dream.

Perhaps you are comparing yourself to others and as a result you feel self-doubtful and that you are not good enough. It might be time to focus on you rather than how similar or dissimilar you are to those around you. By focusing on everything around you, you might be setting impossible goals for yourself.

Another thought process is that a measuring tape is a reminder to you to have what you need and no more. Perhaps you have been taking things to the excess lately and there’s no need. It might be time to live within your means- it’s possible you just need what you already have.

More positively, if you could see the end of the measuring tape- this could be symbolic of seeing the finishing line of something you’ve been working on. You are so far along and the end is in sight.