Driver Blocks Traffic to Let Elderly Woman Cross, Personifies the Holiday Spirit

| 19.11.2017

By Jaclyn Anglis




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It’s always heartwarming to see folks stepping up to help elderly people. All too often, our dearest ones get ignored by people who move quicker than they can amidst the hustle and bustle outside. That’s why we love it when Good Samaritans assist older folk with simple, kind gestures, like holding their arms as they cross the street. But one driver recently took helping an elderly woman in that situation to the next level.

A video posted to People’s Daily, China Facebook page shows an elderly lady waiting to cross a very busy street. As most of the cars whiz past her quickly, leaving her in the dust, one driver in a yellow car responds in a totally different way. Despite the fact that it’s such a hectic and crazy packed road, the driver doesn’t budge from the spot, waiting for the woman ever-so-patiently.

And then, when traffic appears to slow up for a moment or two, the car literally blocks other cars from driving past by maneuvering the car into a diagonal position. Finally, the sweet older lady has enough time to cross the road safely without rushing. See for yourself in the video below.

Aww! Talk about going the extra mile for someone in need. (In case you missed it, this clever trick also allowed someone with a stroller to cross on the other side of the street, too.)

One appreciative viewer commented, «Very kind person. God bless you.»

Another wrote, «Just one Samaritan.»

We don’t know about you, but this video was exactly what we needed to feel all warm and fuzzy inside on a cold day. In the spirit of kind gestures toward the elderly, here’s some other gems we found:

Ah! Hope for humanity.

h/t NDTV

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