Neglected Dog With Severe Mange Gets a Second Chance

| 26.11.2017

By Jaclyn Anglis




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Dog lovers, get the tissues ready, because this pup’s transformation is a tear-jerker if we ever saw one. It all starts with a lovable pooch named Rosie who was found hairless, itchy, starving, and all alone. To make matters worse, she also had demodectic mange — a skin infection caused by mites.

But lucky Rosie was taken in by the kind, caring people at Vet Ranch, a Texas-based organization that provides veterinary treatment for homeless animals. Though she was in a rough state when she first arrived, things were about to get better for her — a whole lot better.

As the now-viral Reddit video of Rosie’s transformation shows, the hard-working folks at Vet Ranch had to put a lot of effort in helping the doggo recover from whatever horrible things she had been through. After she was comforted and had her skin treated, she got a good, solid scrub-down. Don’t we all feel better after a nice, warm bath?

It’s just a short clip, but it shows how big of a difference that a little tender love and care can make in just a matter of months. The best part? Rosie finally gets to go home to a loving adoptive family. We truly couldn’t be happier for her — she truly deserves all the love she can get for the rest of her life.

If you want to see more details about Rosie’s incredible transformation, you can check out the full video on YouTube below, but keep in mind that some images may be upsetting to some viewers.

h/t Reddit

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