Noel Gallagher: I sound like Marvin Gaye on new album

| 09.10.2017

Noel Gallagher and Chris Moyles

The 50-year-old singer couldn’t believe it when he listened back to ‘Keep on Reaching’, which appears on his third solo studio album ‘Who Built The Moon?’, because his voice is just like the legendary soul singer’s, who is known for big tunes such as ‘Sexual Healing’.

He said: «There’s a track on the album where, honestly, I don’t know how I managed to do it, it sounds like Marvin Gaye.»

But the track could cause problems for Noel as he is now concerned he might not be able to recreate the soothing soul sound of the late Motown star when he is playing the song in front of a live audience.

He said: «I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to do it live. It’s incredible. It’s called ‘Keep on Reaching’. You know you’ve got a good album when that’s not even going to be a single.»

Noel’s new album will drop next month and while he is pleased the record hasn’t leaked online, the ‘Holy Mountain’ hitmaker «wouldn’t mind» if it did because he is so confident the album will be well received.

Speaking on ‘The Chris Moyles Show’ on Radio X on Monday (09.10.17), he said: «It’s been finished since March, so by the time it comes out, again it will be, kind of, nine months old. Because the tracks have been sent out, you’re kind of waking up every day, turning your phone on, open one eye thinking, ‘Has it been leaked today? Is today the day?’

«Touch wood so far, it’s not been leaked. We run a pretty tight ship at my label.

«Do you know what, to be quite honest, I wouldn’t mind [if it leaked], because it’s that good.

«There are some records that you think, ‘I hope people don’t hear it before it comes out, because no one’s gonna buy it’.

«But with this one, it’s just like, whatever. It’s pretty good.»

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