Noel Gallagher thinks fans will ‘adore’ his new music later in life

| 26.11.2017

Noel Gallagher

The 50-year-old singer’s rock band High Flying Birds dropped their third studio album titled ‘Who Built The Moon?’ on November 24, and though the star has acknowledged people may dislike his record because it is different to his previous tracks, he believes in the «long run» fans will soon come round to the compilation and enjoy it.

Speaking to Radio X’s John Kennedy, Noel — who is known for being in Oasis alongside his sibling Liam Gallagher until the band split in 2009 following a backstage feud at a concert — said: «You know there’s still people who want to live through 1995, and that’s great. But we lived through 1995, and that’s kind of what we did then, it’s not what we do now.

«And I must say to them if you’re in any way mildly disappointed by this record, then the next few years are not going to be fun for you, because there’s no going back from here.

«I reckon in the long run, people will adore this record because it’s got more legs than the other two, for sure.»

But the ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker thinks listeners had already made up their mind about his new release before hearing every single on the LP.

Noel — who has 17-year-old daughter with ex-partner Meg Matthews, as well as sons Donovan, 10, and Sonny, seven, with his current wife Sara MacDonald — continued: «I suddenly realised that the people who are not having this album the most… are the people who haven’t heard it. They’ve heard the trailer, and a bit of ‘Holy Mountain’.

«People were very, very sure that they were not having this album.

«That’s fascinating, that you are willing to just dismiss it because of what you think it is. Partly that was intentional, because on the trailer I put the most divisive music on there.»

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