Upside Down Christmas Trees Are a Thing This Year and Some People Are *Freaking* Out

| 26.11.2017

Upside down Christmas trees are a thing this year because it’s been an upside down type of year! If you traveled here from the past and saw one of these suckers, you’d be all, «Fuck, 2017 is weird!» and you’d be right! It is weird!

But I don’t know — other than messing with my brain a little and making me question everything, I’m kinda into them? Let’s mix it up! Maybe in the future, all trees will be upside down and then the ones we consider right side up will be the weird ones. I can’t wait!

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This #Christmas tree at the Hotel Del Coronado is upside down! Some find it artistic while others say it’s disrespectful. What do you think?

— Danielle Radin (@danielleradin) November 22, 2017

Upside down Christmas tree at @ClaridgesHotel from @KarlLagerfeld unveiled

— Caterertweets (@Caterertweets) November 22, 2017

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It’s a ‘Winter of Whimsy!’ This year’s holiday theme decks our halls in all things bright, including a whimsical upside down lobby tree.

— Hotel del Coronado (@delcoronado) November 22, 2017

what’s better than a Christmas tree? an upside down Christmas tree of course #whytho

— Lucy Stafford (@LucyStaffie) November 17, 2017

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@westfieldsfcentre is not as crazy as I thought and this upside down tree-chandelier piece is worth taking a moment for. #BlackFriday #Coco @DisneyPixar a/@BigAries75

— Gilberto W-G (@gilbertowgamboa) November 24, 2017

This is the first time I’ve seen an upside down tree for sale with a tree stand. My parents have been hanging theirs upside down from the ceiling 1984.

— Melissa Carlton (@AuntMo9) November 23, 2017

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You can even get one at Target:

I have a lot of questions. Why is Target selling an upside down Christmas tree? Why is it nearly $1000? Is this a Stranger Things joke that I’m missing? Someone help.

— ʝєииα✨ (@schaferwafer) November 21, 2017

One man makes a pretty good case for why you should buy one — ornament display!

I used to write for the @Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, and we sold one of these — apparently people like them because they better showcase the ornaments (i.e. they don’t hang down & get lost in bushy lower branches)

— Ben Stephens (@stephens_ben) November 23, 2017

And, of course, Fox News had to feature some bored angry people freaking out over it, including Corey Lewandowski, one of Donald Trump’s ousted 2016 campaign managers,who said, «I can be sure that the First Family will not be turning their Christmas tree upside down. They love this country and our traditions.» (LOLOLOLOLOL.)

.@CLewandowski_: «I can be sure that the First Family will not be turning their Christmas tree upside down. They love this country and our traditions.»

— Fox News (@FoxNews) November 24, 2017

I mean, if Corey wants to have a stroke over it, so be it, but I personally enjoy living in the Upside Down, and now I think these trees are great. Trunk side up trees are more American than trunk side down trees! Spread the word!

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