What Your Favourite Cookie Says About Your Sex Life

| 07.07.2017

Today is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, so to celebrate, we take a look at what your favourite flavour of cookie says about your private life- and by private life- we really mean- sex life!

Your sex life is colourful!

Chocolate Chip- You’re happy with your lot- but you relish in odd surprise every now and again between the sheets. With every new sex session you’re hoping that tonight will be the night you mix things up.

Chocolate- You enjoy the same thing repeatedly. Once you find a position that works for you both- you tend to stick with it so you know that you’ll never be disappointed after a dose of doggy style.

Oats- You enjoy that feeling of being ‘full’ so you only seek partners who will keep you going until the next time you see them! When you’re with a partner who makes you hungry for more as soon as you start- they won’t be there for breakfast.

Raisins- You’re soft and sweet with your lover- your time in the bedroom is tender and gentle and you feel an intense connection with your partner when you make love.

Ice cream sandwich- You don’t do anything by halves and that includes coitus. You enjoy long sessions in the sack, a plethora of positions and orgasm overload.

Coated candy- Your sex life is colourful to say the least- you enjoy variety but are ok with the odd mediocre session too- just as long as there’s plenty to keep you interested in between.

Shaped- You’re always on the hunt for something new to bring to your bonking bonanzas. You read lots of mags, look on the internet and are open minded when it comes to trying anything that you haven’t done before. And you have a lot of fun while experimenting!

With icing on top- It’s all about the little finishing touches for you- you love it when your partner makes that extra effort to see you satisfied and you like to repay the favour too. You’re pernickety about presentation and enjoy dressing up and wearing expensive lingerie to tease your lover.