Will Smith: It’s rare for a ‘black dude’ to play a ‘racist’

| 03.09.2017

Will Smith

The 48-year-old actor is set to star in the lead role of LAPD officer Scott Ward in the upcoming fantasy movie ‘Bright’, and has admitted he found it «really bizarre» that his character was given the prejudice trait, as it was new territory for him to be on the «other side» of racism.

‘Bright’ takes place in a world where human lives alongside fairytale creatures such as orcs and elves, and rather than showing racism between humans, the movie explores the tensions between people and creatures.

Speaking to Empire magazine about the movie, he said: «As a black dude you just don’t get a lot of movies where you’re a racist. It’s rugged and powerful and really bizarre for me to be on the other side of that.»

And the ‘Hitch’ actor wasn’t the only star who struggled with his role, as his co-star Noomi Rapace couldn’t get to grips with wearing contact lenses and a false set of teeth when she first took on her role, although she soon adapted.

She explained: «I was fighting against the contact lenses and teeth at the beginning. But it’s amazing how quickly you adapt.»

Meanwhile, director David Ayer believes the production is a «daring movie» because it involves «fantasy creatures» who have to also juggle a normal life where they care for their families.

The 49-year-old creator explained: «It’s kind of a daring movie. It has all these fantasy creatures, but they still pay their bills on time, love their families and try to live their lives. It becomes this incredible template to study the social issues we’re having right now.»

‘Bright’ is being produced for Netflix, and is expected to land on the platform in December this year.

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