10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Keen Nature Photographer

| 07.07.2017

Today is National Nature Photography Day, so here are just some of the things you can expect if you’re dating someone who’s keen on capturing images of things in nature. 

They see an opportunity in the unlikeliest of places

Don’t buy them a day with other photographers as a gift- They often prefer to be on their own to avoid distractions and make an effort to speak and seek out fellow photographers when they want to. It’s a bit if ‘me time’ so don’t be offended if they ask to be alone. It’s nothing to do with you- they just need some space to do what they love.

It can be expensive- When birthdays anniversaries and Christmases roll around, bear in mind that any kit they need will set you back a bit. If you can’t afford it- a book or voucher towards something pricey is always welcome.

If they show you their pictures- Praise them- all of them. They don’t appreciate criticism from an amateur just unconditional love.

They like to review their progress- They might have pictures ranging from a barely recognisable bird to being able to see each feather on another’s back. It gives them a kick to see how far they’ve come. Often it’s about capturing something they’ve never had the opportunity to before, even if the picture is blurry.

They get excited to see things for the first time- If they have managed to photograph something they never have before- let them have this moment. It’s a big deal to them even if it’s not for you.

Their photography can lead onto other things- They might get a sudden interest in bird watching or identifying different types of butterflies. Encourage them- it’s great that their hobby has extended to new passions that make them even happier.

If it’s nice weather- They will be like caged lion and want to leave or be out in the garden until you’re ready to go. They may even go off without you if you can’t get your act together in what they consider to be a timely manner.

They may ask you to stop mid car journey- If they see something by the road that would make a good snap, they’ll ask you (or shout at you) to pull over with very little notice. Or worse, if they’re driving, they might surprise you will an emergency stop.

Their camera goes everywhere with them- On holiday, on day trips, dates, car journeys, work- the lot- it’s as important as you- just so you know.

They’ll spend lots of time editing- This is a long process and you might not even see what all the fuss is about. To them- any imperfection is a big deal and they won’t settle until it’s fixed. Make sure you have a hobby that will give you as much joy while they’re pursuing theirs.