Attention Women! Bring these changes in…

| 27.09.2017

While most of us will be delighted with an early menopause as no more pain, no more mood swings and best of all, tension free days, but menopause before its stipulated time is actually very harmful. Usually natural menopause, on an average, happens at the age of 51, but the absence of menstrual cycle before the age of 45, is an onset of an early menopause.
Cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, psychiatric diseases, osteoporosis, and many other age old problems are triggered by the early onset of menopause.


The symptoms are usual to those of natural menopause. Like mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleepless nights, irregular or no periods, weight gain, night sweats, reduced desire for sex, difference in cognition and memory, and vaginal pain during sex.
While the signs and symptoms can be controlled and avoided with non hormonal vaginal gels and creams, oral contraceptive pills, hormone therapy, and antidepressant medication, but an early menopause cannot be reversed or stopped. But according to a new research, it can be delayed. Researchers stated that it all depends upon your food intake over a long period of time. Barley, oatmeal, soya, brown rice, and tofu, should be consumed in high quantities daily.
The study concluded that women who are consuming 6.5% of their daily calorie as vegetable protein have a compelling 16% lesser risk to early menopause than to those who consume only 4% of those calories.
Another research suggested consumption of low fat dairy. Ladies who took skimmed milk products like yoghurts and low fat cheeses witnessed a delay in the natural process. Plus Omega 3 fats from oily fishes like salmon and mackerel or any other omega 3 rich supplement, have been lauded for maintaining hormonal balance.
About 10% of women are suffering through this problem. While this ovarian dysfunction cannot be avoided, it definitely can be stalled for some time, by following a healthy diet and consuming the right amount of proteins.