Nailing the Nails

| 07.07.2017


Nailing the Nails

December 11, 2016December 7, 2016

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by Ashley Petroskey

Nails are an easy way to update your style and make an outfit look polished. The latest trends include neutrals, bold red and fun geometric design. Read on for some quick tips to master these trends and “nail” your holiday style.

Neutral Nail Color

Like the little black dress or bold red lip, neutral nail polish is a timeless classic that any woman, regardless of age or style, can pull off. Nude nail polish tends to make the fingers look longer, and with the right shade, gives the illusion of glowing skin. Finding the right shade of neutral isn’t as easy as it sounds. One of the most important factors is matching the color to your natural skin’s undertone, which will be warm, cool or neutral. A quick way to determine undertone is to look at the veins inside your wrist; blue or purple veins typically mean cool undertones, while greenish veins hint at warm undertones. If you have a tough time determining the color of your veins or see a mix of shades, you are likely neutral undertone.

For those with warm undertones, it’s best to stick with gold or yellow-based neutrals for the best-looking nails. Those with cooler undertones can glow with a pink or blue-based neutral. If you’re neutral, you’re in luck! Most colors will work on neutral skin tone.

If you’re questioning which option is best for you, seek a professional opinion. A fail-proof tip is to choose a high-shine nude; it keeps the nails from looking lifeless.

Bold Red Nails

While neutral nails are timeless, there is nothing more chic for the holidays than a red manicure. A couple of great holiday choices are a rich, muted shade that complements a darker colored outfit or a true fire engine red that lights up all complexions.

Geometric Nail Art

When it comes to mastering this kind of detail on your nails, masking tape is a woman’s best friend. The tape helps to get a perfectly geometric look. Some of the most popular designs for the holidays include tiny horizontal or vertical stripes across the nail, sunburst from the top of the nail down to middle of the nail bed or zig zags going down or across the nail. These looks let you have fun incorporating a few colors into the design. If you’re worried about your nails looking too wild, stick with the same colors across all nails to keep it looking polished.

Whether you’re looking for a classic neutral, bold red or fun designs, allow your nails to be an expression of your personality. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker if you’re searching for a conversation starter with long lost relatives!

Ashley Petroskey

Ashley is a marketing professional and worked as a makeup artist in NYC and GR. She started a cosmetics line which celebrates the idea that all women start as a Blank Canvas. Visit BC Cosmetics on Facebook.