The ‘Oprah Effect’? O Magazine Teams Up With Amazon to Sell Beauty Products

| 08.08.2017

For its September issue, O, the Oprah Magazine has teamed with Amazon on an online store for beauty products so that readers can purchase the winners of the magazine’s editor-selected “Beauty O-wards.”

“Bringing the idea of shopping and buying together is a fabulous thing, right?” O magazine publisher Jayne Jamison told WWD.

O is not alone in working with Amazon. But unlike other publishers, who are increasingly relying on the revenue from the commission they receive when a reader they have sent to Amazon clicks the buy button, O’s relationship with the e-commerce platform seems downright old-fashioned — it’s an advertising partnership. The online beauty shop follows the model that the magazine and the e-commerce platform have developed over the past two years with its annual “Favorite Things” holiday gift list to make the magazine’s content easily “shoppable.”

“In print magazines, we are always looking for ways that we can show our clients that we can move products,” Jamison said.

Amazon, meanwhile, has been busy making a push into high-end beauty. The pull-out beauty section in the print issue features a double-page ad that advertises the online store with the tag line “your kind of beauty.” Another double-page spread in the magazine advertises’s luxury beauty section. Custom-made online videos also tout the Amazon and Oprah partnership.

L’Oréal, also an advertising partner, bought space in the pull-out beauty section and is featured in online videos.

“Beauty is the kind of purchase that can be impulse more than others,” Jamison said. “We call it the ‘Oprah effect.’ I think if you are pursuing Amazon and you see Oprah magazine recommending a lipstick, you are probably more likely to buy it.

“How easy is it to buy something on Amazon, right?” Jamison added.

Tell that to all those struggling brick-and-mortar retailers out there.